Kansas Society of Association Executives (KSAE) Member Handbook

Kansas associations spend over 1.9 million dollars per year on convention and trade show activities – in Kansas. Approximately 95,000 people attend seminars, meetings, and conventions sponsored by KSAE members. The KSAE Member Handbook is an excellent way to reach association meeting and conference planners.

Readership and Circulation
600 copies of the KSAE Member Handbook are distributed to KSAE members, all 165 members of the Kansas Legislature and selected political leaders.

Sales Contact: Gayla Peterson, Vice-president / Accounting / Sales - 785-271-5801

For Advertising sizes and prices, please download the media kit. MEDIA KIT

Quick Checklist for Ad Submission:

  1. PDF files are the best file format for our purposes

  2. Please outline all fonts (turn fonts into vector art)

  3. Do not put crop marks, trim marks, or other file information outside of the advertisement, even on full page ads

  4. Full page ads with bleed should have all text and other important information at least 1/4 inside the trim area (trim is 5.5" wide x 8.5" high inches)

  5. All images in the ad should be at least 300 dpi and in CMYK format

  6. Include your company name in the filename



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